Our History

After spending several years working with relatives in roofing, Bob and his wife Betty (pictured above) opened Hinkle Roofing in 1968. Starting the business out of their home in Gerber, California, they worked hard, both to care for their valued customers, and to raise their family.

Over the next 10 years, they continued their dedication to a job well done, and in 1978, Hinkle Roofing expanded to occupy a warehouse on San Benito Ave there in Gerber. Three years later, the opportunity came to acquire the old Minch's Feed Lot, which included a large grain elevator. Using the same standards of excellence applied to all of their other work, a new shop was built, and the grain elevator was converted into an office space, where they remain to this day. 

The entire time Hinkle Roofing has been open, family has always been a crucial part of the business. Thus, it was no surprise when not one, but two members of his crew became his sons-in-law. Later, when Bob decided to partially retire in 1988, the torch was passed to those two sons, Todd Eklund and Bruce Peabody. 

Even in partial retirement though, Bob was always busy. When he wasn't consulting for his sons-in-law or lending his skills as a master carpenter, he was active in the community, helping those in need with a smile and a good story of days gone by. 

Today, Hinkle Roofing stands as the premier roofing company in Tehama county, remaining in the family, being owned by Todd Eklund and his wife, Anja. Following the footsteps of his father, and grandfather before him, their son has joined in the trade, and is set to continue the family business when the time comes.

In Loving Memory

1936 - 2018

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